Concierge Event Management

Today is YOUR day! Take in every second of it, focusing on your dress, your hair, your makeup, your joy, and especially your Chosen One! Let the rest of the details effortlessly sprinkle and sparkle around you like fairy-dust—all you have to do is enjoy the myriad moments that make up your dream day!

When you choose our Concierge Event Management, you are choosing to leave the details of this day in the hands of our professionals so that your attention can be focused entirely on your happiness. With proper preparation and Day-Of management, everything that happens on your special day, from set-up to clean-up, will be taken care of for you.

Preparing for Your Big Day: planning for 1 month prior to your wedding
Investment: $3,000.00

Vision: Your “Reveal Your Vision” session will include expert advice about the planning and coordination process. This is where we will begin to design your unique, personal wedding experience. We will determine your desires and dreams from what you share with us, making cost-saving recommendations wherever possible.

Voice: You will be able to voice your wishes and concerns and discuss your ideas by contacting your Weddings of Pittsburgh professional via phone or email, as needed. Your voice will always be heard throughout the planning of your dream day.

Venue: Should your venue have an onsite wedding planner, we will provide competent, professional coordination with him or her to ensure that your special day is a unique and memorable experience.

Vendors: All vendors listed on your contract will be contacted two weeks prior to your wedding day to verify the details of their services.

Your Wedding Day

The day of the wedding will be a constant flurry of activity—but you can be calm and secure in the knowledge that the myriad details of your dream wedding are being handled competently and professionally. It is our desire to give you the greatest gift of all: a beautiful memory that will last a lifetime.

Our services will include, above all, the management of every aspect of your celebration. We will oversee all vendors to ensure that your instructions are carried out as pre-arranged, including assisting them with any problems, answering their questions, finalizing any pending account balances and tips.

We will oversee basic décor and vendor set-up at both the ceremony and reception sites and place table names, place cards, favors, toasting glass and serving sets per your instructions.

We will manage your flowers, from florist delivery to each recipient, including the wedding party members, family, and special guests. Our professionals will also organize the placement and display of decorative floral arrangements.

Our experience has taught us to be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances. To help ease your worries, we are prepared to address any unanticipated situation that may arise; and we will even provide peace-of-mind in the form of a Bridal Emergency Kit, which includes many last-minute solutions that may be needed “on the fly”.

We will oversee your ushers, guest book attendant and any other participants whose services are essential to the perfect day you have planned.

Yes, I can sew and pin, overcoming any wardrobe malfunctions.

Of course, one of the most important aspects of your of your celebration will be the photographs. We will make sure that all members of the wedding party are looking “picture perfect”, including checking the ladies’ gowns, bra straps, and hair.
Another essential responsibility we will assume is to oversee the processional line-up and cue the musicians at the precise time.

After your ceremony is completed, we will bustle the bride’s gown to prepare her for the socializing and celebrating that is so important as you host your first big party together as a married couple!

We will also coordinate the entertainment and all reception announcements and activities so that you and your guests can relax and focus on the food, festivities and fun, knowing that the remainder of your special day will flow smoothly and memorably.

And throughout your entire day, we will act as a guest liaison, providing information and instruction as needed with the goal of making sure that not only both of you but also each one of your guests, participants and family members will long remember your special day as a beautiful and meaningful celebration of love.

The professionals at Weddings of Pittsburgh pledge to direct our extensive training and experience in providing you with the most enjoyable commitment celebration that you can imagine.

DJ Sean with Ultimate Entertaining preparing for announcements with his radio voice, very professional.

By helping you to make your dreams come true on your special day, we are able to prove our dedication to unparalleled customer service, undivided attention and ensure that our business will continue to serve future couples embarking hand-in-hand on the journey of a lifetime.

Forge Memories

We consider it an honor to be entrusted with your peace of mind on one of the most important days of your life. We take that privilege very seriously, and we thank you for placing your trust in us. We look forward to your memorable event.

Weddings of Pittsburgh will create your event reality!

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