Prince Charming
Proposal Planning

The Proposal: The First Step—Our Most Popular Item!

Prince Charming Proposal Planning: $499.00

Make her jump for joy at your pop the question moment!

Proposal planning is one of our most popular packages and for good reason!  Design the most amazing, star-studded, question-popping moment ever by sitting down with us to design “The Plan.”

We once saw a man propose to a woman in the mall with an Exit sign above her head.  Yikes!  Not off to a good start.

Don’t just get down on one knee anywhere!  Show her you care, show her you really love her, put some thought into it, and create a proposal that she’ll be excited to tell her friends about!  Do it with class, style, and flair!

We designed a proposal with a hidden photographer so we could capture her first look in the woods—on the porch of a lovely cabin, while the snow was falling ever so gently, when she said “yes”!

Every wedding is special, so why not make each proposal special?  Do you want a proposal that stands apart from the traditional one right?  You are a charming and confident man who doesn’t leave important things to chance right?

Do you want to be the Exit man or the She said YES man?

Don’t know where to begin? No problem, we know the questions to ask to get you going in the right direction!  Our past experiences can give you great ideas to charm your lady.

We will make sure your proposal isn’t just any proposal, it will be very personal, unique, and one of a kind special!  You will be confident and self-assured with your polished proposal.

I propose you take the next step, Book Now!

Weddings & Events of Pittsburgh will create your event reality!

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