Why Hire a Planner?

Why do I need a wedding planner?

Many of you might be thinking, “Why do I need a wedding planner? I’m super organized. I don’t need help.”

Really? Are you overwhelmed right now, and you just recently got engaged? How will you know what vendors you need and which of those vendors can be trusted? Will the vendors you select take advantage of you because you’re doing only one wedding and they know they will not have to depend on you for repeat business? An expert wedding planner sends those vendors several weddings per year—so you can be sure she will not get taken advantage of. She will make sure you receive excellent top notch service because of the vendors she has shared with you to choose from!

Even if you’re willing to spend the extra money and take the risk of being exploited by unknown vendors or friends who say they can handle such a ginormous undertaking on your very special day, what about when your once-in-a-lifetime day arrives? Will you be able to service those vendors, answer their questions, and make sure they perform every aspect of their contract, all while interacting with your guests, walking down the aisle, looking lovingly into your sweetheart’s eyes and making the most important covenant of your life? No one could be entirely present for all of those responsibilities simultaneously!

Many things can go wrong when you try to do your wedding yourself and I can tell you time and time again how many couples ended up spending more money doing it themselves in the long run. Leaving this day to chance is not what you want to do. Inexperience costs a lot, sometimes you cannot even put a price on it.  Most people put a family member in charge, but, the happily accepting family member will realize at the end of the night when it takes them 2 hours to tear down how much they missed.  Sometimes this can lead to family resentment and unnecessary feelings of being left out.

Wedding Planning Made Easy

An experienced professional can handle any situation because of experience, she knows many vendors for you to choose from and can explain concepts like venue and uplighting that perhaps you have never heard of before. Working with your vendors and supervising all aspects of your special day is my specialty. I have successfully navigated this route time and time again, and I would love to do it for you, as well. All of those responsibilities and attention to detail—when your focus should be 100 per cent elsewhere—can be overwhelming and will inevitably make your day of memories much less than memorable!

Every bridal couple has a budget and, for most of us, that budget is much less than we would like. The value that you receive in return for your trust in my services will also include peace of mind and a worry free wedding day—and no one can put a price on that!

Contact me now or call/text 724-968-7135 for peace of mind. I’ll also offer you more information to demonstrate how your wedding—that perfect event that currently exists only your head—can become a reality!

I can’t even begin to describe how amazing Tonya was for my wedding! Honestly, anything that could go wrong did and Tonya took care of everything. She kept everything moving, on time and from me pulling my hair out!! She is incredible and I promise you will not be disappointed with her by your side!


Weddings of Pittsburgh will create your event reality!

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