Tonya Edinger

Every day I wake up excited to come to work and plan wedding masterpieces.  I am TLo (JLo) The Wedding Planner!!  I can’t wait to discover exactly what you want for your wedding day!

—Tonya Edinger, Concierge Wedding Planner

Okay, there are absolutely not enough words to describe how incredible Tonya is at wedding planning! 

I knew from the beginning that having a planner for my wedding was going to be very helpful and ease a lot of the stress that is associated with planning an event this large. We were gifted Tonya’s services by my boss and I could not have asked for a more sincere and appreciated gift! Since working with Tonya, she has not only assisted in major decisions, but she has suggested numerous ideas that we have completely fallen in love with! If we don’t like something or maybe something isn’t our taste, there are no hard feelings—she is not pushy or in your face. Communication is top notch and honestly, the biggest thing with Tonya’s services – you can now breathe! Such a big sigh of relief was felt after I knew someone had our backs to create our dream wedding. Tonya is a godsend”

Christina Sossi

Discover Why Tonya Edinger is One of the Most Popular Wedding Planners in Pittsburgh, PA

At Weddings of Pittsburgh, our mission is to provide you with the WOW factor you have been searching for.  Not only to walk down the aisle but to offer your guests that same experience for the entire time.  We are not your one time planner, we’re your planners for all your future social events, for life.

Tonya Edinger and her team provide personalized concierge wedding services to a busy world.  By making ONE decision, hiring Tonya Edinger and her team with Weddings of Pittsburgh, you will make all your other decisions easy.  With an expert by your side, on on your side, to guide you through the engagement journey, you can really enjoy it stress free, worry free and be fully present for every spectacular moment!

Weddings of Pittsburgh creates your ideal wedding reality like a conductor making your wedding a lovely symphony just like you imagined!  Brides, grooms, wedding party, and guests all agree, when they think about Tonya, one phrase comes to mind: Born for this. Cool under pressure and fast with solutions, she’s the one everyone counts on to make things happen. Advising you with creative ideas, small and large details, resource management and so much more covered in the Cinderella full planning package.  So when the big day arrives, and Murphy’s Law kicks in, there’s no need to panic you both can relax – she’s got things under control.

Murphy’s Law will kick in – who will solve that problem for you?  Family wants to spend this personal, once in a lifetime, day with you.  Etching it on their memory.  Weddings of Pittsburgh is very attentive giving you memories that last a lifetime!

Tonya always makes connections in the event industry providing you with the best partners that will give you white glove service.  Cohesively working with her partners, over-delivering, to ensuring you a one of a kind time and thus allowing you to save time, money, and relax knowing everything is taken care of.

She is always perfecting her craft bringing you the latest trends that can be spun to become your unique ideas, wowing your family and friends with an elegant experience!

Using your personalities, your visions, and creativity, tradition can be given a boost of flair.  After all, you want your first party together to be fun and exciting, right?  Tonya is just the professional to make it happen, to provide you with first-class treatment from beginning to end.

I can’t even begin to describe how amazing Tonya was for my wedding! Honestly, anything that could go wrong did and Tonya took care of everything. She kept everything moving, on time and from me pulling my hair out!! She is incredible and I promise you will not be disappointed with her by your side!


“I don’t know how I would have done this wedding without the help of Tonya and her girls. They were awesome! Tonya was so incredibly accommodating from day 1. I had pretty much all my wedding planned out and done myself (mistake, don’t try and do that!) and my vendors were all over the place and I was just so completely overwhelmed with stress and didn’t know what to do, so I hired her 2 months before my wedding and she came right in and took ownership of everything. She went through all the paperwork I had from every vendor. she got in contact with all of my vendors and worked with them for me so I really could just relax finally and focus on what I needed to for my big day. Her girls were on site for our rehearsal and the day of and they, again, worked with all of my vendors so I had absolutely nothing to worry about besides arriving at my venue and getting married. They did the setup and clean up and they told us step by step what we would be doing. Tonya made herself available to answer any questions via text/call/email at all times. I could not have done it without them. I will recommend them to everyone!”

Chaz Betters

Weddings of Pittsburgh will create your event reality!

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