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At Weddings of Pittsburgh, we specialize in ensuring that you are treated like royalty. Our step-by-step system covers all aspects of your planning your wedding, including guidance, etiquette, and event management.


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Tonya Edinger and her team provide personalized concierge wedding planning services to a busy world. Make one decision—hire Weddings of Pittsburgh—and all of your other decisions will be easy. With an expert you can trust by your side to guide you through the planning journey, you can enjoy your event stress-free, allowing you to be fully present for every spectacular moment!

Tonya makes top connections in the event industry providing you with the best partners that will give you a personalized luxury experience. She works cohesively with her partners, ensuring you a one-of-a-kind day unique to you. Not only will you save time and money, but you will also be able to relax knowing that everything is being taken care of.

Using your personality, your vision, and Tonya’s creativity, tradition can be given a boost of flair. Tonya is just the professional to make your wedding ideas a reality, providing you first-class treatment from “yes” to “I do” and beyond.

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At Weddings of Pittsburgh, our mission is to provide you with the WOW factor you have been searching for.  Not only to walk down the aisle but to offer your guests that same experience for the entire time. We are not your one time planner, we’re your planners for all your future social events, for life.

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“From day one I’ve felt there has been a huge weight off my shoulder. I knew Tonya would put my fiancé and I as her first priority she has always had our back. She learned my vision so quickly. I know that my day will go so smoothly with it in her hand. She hasn’t turned down a single request I’ve made. Obviously, not everything in the world is possible, but I know if I ask, Tonya will give it her all to make it happen.”

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Cost is $225.00 for one hour with concierge wedding planner, Tonya Edinger.

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